Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Preference of Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering for beginners. I will say that some of the best advice I got was to try different kinds/brands. I gave birth to a beautiful 7lb 13oz. boy on April 29, 2014. I began using cloth diapers at 12 days old. I waited because I needed the rest. I wasn't ready to start daily laundry duty.

What fit best:
12 days old: Bumkin covers with pre-folds. When I used inserts only with the covers, they leaked onto the cover. This is the kind where the cover can be used multiple times a day if not soiled.

1 month old: Bum Genius (newest brand) seems to be the best fit around the legs. Other's that we've tried have leaked: Alva, Oui Oui, Swaddle bees

I like Swaddle Bees and Bum Genius best for absorbency. The pre-folds leave the wetness right against baby's skin and this makes him fussy.

Night time diapers: we still use store bought diapers at night because these have the most absorbency and we trust them not to leak at this age. His legs are still so small that most of the pocket diapers we own are still too big (except our 2 bum genius).

BumGenius from BuyBuyBaby store was $19.99.

Simplest Wash Instructions
Set the washer to heavy duty, largest size water load.
Cold Rinse, Hot Wash, Cold Rinse.
After I do one cold rinse. I return to the washer and set it to Hot wash with a 2nd rinse that's cold.

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